Residential cleaning services

Residential Cleaning Services - NY

Cleaning services are always in demand. The cleaning services are now an integral part of the home services as everybody loves a nicely cleaned and hygienic home. With the rise of health concerns and hygiene awareness, residential cleaning becomes a must. People are well aware of hygiene and cleanliness. In such cases, you need the carefully crafted cleaning services for your homes. These services are based on months of deep research, best in class tools and trained/verified employees.

Sweetland's Cleaning Services, LLC' team of skilled professionals, clean your house as per your needs. We clean your house, on daily, weekly, monthly basis or as per the client’s convenience. One team member will initially get the complete list of cleaning services you need. A clean house also maintains the health of every family member. We understand your emphasis on cleanliness and hence follow it precisely. We ensure that every corner of your house is cleaned from top to bottom. We offer deep cleaning services in NY for your bathrooms, carpet, floors, furniture, kitchens, bedrooms and much more.

Sweetland's Cleaning Services, LLC is truly a one stop cleaning solution in NY with a promise of reliability, quality, and affordability. Our in-depth cleaning services include

  • Window/ glass cleaning including glass
  • Window panes, tracks, grills
  • Furniture cleaning and shining
  • Floor scrubbing and buffing
  • Upholstery shampooing
  • Cleaning of false ceiling
  • Wall dusting/ washing
  • Kitchen cleaning
  • Washroom deodorization/sanitization
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Cabinets/Cupboards

Sweetland's Cleaning Services, LLC offers all types of cleaning services under one roof. If you require deep cleaning of your home, deep cleaning of your office or even professional cleaning of your car, call us now.